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Here you will find all kinds of interesting and useful information about gardening machines in Leuven offered by Lambrechts Tuinmachines. You will learn a lot about all aspects related to your garden and home.

No longer Euro 95, but E10

From 1 January 2017, the composition of EURO 95 petrol will change. It will be replaced by E10 petrol. We recommend NOT to use the E10 petrol for your garden machines. We recommend for 4-stroke engines (lawn mowers, ride-on mowers, etc) the use of Motoplus or petrol improver with your fuel and for 2-stroke engines (chainsaws, brush cutters, etc) the use of Motomix. See also the explanation below about these fuels.

Do not use old petrol

Never use last year's petrol. Petrol reacts with the oxygen in the air. As a result, it undergoes a decomposition process. After about 3 months petrol can no longer be used in a lawnmower or small combustion engine.

Always fill up small quantities of petrol in a clean jerry can or use Motoplus (synthetic fuel). This way, you avoid damage to the starting mechanism and the engine. You can also add "Fuel Fresh" to fresh petrol. This extends the shelf life of your fuel.

For hedge trimmers, brush cutters, chain saws, etc. on 2-stroke we always recommend Motomix. This fuel is environmentally friendly, has a pleasant smell, does not affect rubbers or seals and has a shelf life of 5 years.

Advantages of Stihl fuels

Stihl fuels protect the environment and spare your health. They also reduce the formation of greenhouse gases by 70%, as they contain no alkenes or hydrocarbons. The oil HP Ultra in the MOTOMIX is biodegradable. More than 80% after 21 days and 99.9% over time. The product is particularly well suited for applications in sensitive areas (water catchment areas, nature reserves, wetlands, nature parks, etc.)

In contrast to conventional fuels, the product does not contain components such as benzene, toluene, sulphur and other aromatic hydrocarbons that are harmful to humans and the environment. Since the exhaust gases contain 70% less pollutants (compared to those of a SP 95 type fuel), they are less harmful to humans.

The low vapour pressure limits evaporation during filling, so less vapour is inhaled. Users are exposed to significantly less polluting emissions. The presence of benzene, sulphur and other aromatic substances in the exhaust gases and vapours can cause users to feel tired, have headaches, suffer severe irritation (nose, eyes, respiratory tract), dizziness and vomit.



Lead-free 95

Motomix Motoplus

Sulphur content

mg/kg max. % v/v



Benzene content

max % v/f



Content of aromatic constituents

Max. % V/V


< 0.5

Vapour pressure at 40°*




The lower vapour pressure of STIHL fuels means that less vapour is released through natural evaporation than with SP 95 and also that less vapour is inhaled.

The 100% synthetic oil HP Ultra guarantees excellent lubrication, while its remarkable purity extends engine life.

In contrast to conventional unleaded fuel, MOTOMIX / MOTOPLUS are significantly less aggressive to the engine (because they contain very few aromatic hydrocarbons = aggressive solvents). In the long run, SP 95 corrodes flexible materials (membranes, rubber, pipe couplings). With MOTOMIX / MOTOPLUS, there is no such risk.

As the test makes clear, polystyrene literally melts in seconds when it comes into contact with SP 95. This is not the case with Motomix fuel.

Two fuels in two different jerrycans

A flake of polystyrene in each jerrycan

After 5 seconds, the flake in contact with the conventional fuel has completely disappeared.

MOTOMIX / MOTOPLUS guarantee that the engine remains permanently clean. Compared to normal petrol, they produce no calamine and very little soot. In the combustion chamber, no deposits are formed that affect engine performance. The mechanical parts (pistons, valves, combustion chamber, carburettor...) remain clean.

In the long run, conventional fuel (SP 95), poor quality oil or even poor metering can lead to often irreparable damage (engine seizing) or high repair costs (piston replacement due to calamine formation).

The composition of "Made by STIHL" fuel

MOTOMIX and MOTOPLUS are speciality fuels made primarily from 96% saturated aliphatic hydrocarbons (or paraffins) extracted from crude oil by various methods - distillation, isomerisation or alkylation. These special fuels are usually described as alkylates, although this is not entirely accurate.

In contrast to fuels based on SP 95, MOTOMIX and MOTOPLUS do not contain aromatic hydrocarbons (of which benzene is the best known) and alkenes that are harmful to people and the environment.

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